Jason E. Doucette

Hi, my I'm Jason and I'm a wildlife watercolor artist. I've been painting off and on since around 2001 and first started in oils. I grew up on the east coast of Canada in Nova Scotia in a small Acadian village surrounded by the sea and helping my dad on our small farm. I currently live  in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada.

I’ve always been inspired by the subtle nuances of the world around me. The picture that emerges if you only allow it the time to present itself. To look on a subject and see it anew, the imperfections, the subtle changes of color as the light plays along its surface. It’s usually said that the subject speaks to the artist, I’ve always thought it to be more of a revelation as I trace the subtle details with my eyes, be it of an animal or a landscape or a familiar face, a new understanding, an intimate look, emerges of the subject. Once a piece is completed I feel as though it’s an old friend who I’ve known for ages, and each time you look upon that piece you’re filled with the trials and tribulations you went through together and you feel comforted.

I’ve always created paintings I’d personally love to have on my wall but more than that, of subject matter I wish to know on a deeper level. I want to know the world around me and art is my catalyst.

Currently I have been working on developing my oil painting skillset. I love new challenges and oil has been a whole new experience from watercolor. I love both mediums for their intricacies and unique styles each present in my work.

I love the challenges that watercolor presents as well as it having a mind of its own. Often times frustrating but always rewarding when it all comes together in a finished piece. As I work with the medium more I start to trust my instincts on where to place a bold brushstroke, or to feather a harsh line. My style, if you could call it that, is a very saturated look along with using soft and hard edges to give a sense of depth to my pieces. I love to add subtle details barely perceivable in my backgrounds or out of focus areas. I feel this adds a sense of realism and intrigue. It’s not uncommon for the viewer to think they are looking at an acrylic painting due to the vividness of the piece as well as the style of mounting without glass.
I am often times drawn to doing pieces of animals that I am familiar with. I grew up on a small farm in rural Nova Scotia and so my love of animals has always been a big part of my life. As well growing up on a farm I know the harsh reality of the world in which animals live, both wild and kept. I try and give the animals a stoic expression in my paintings, a sense of reserved dignity.

My paintings are found in private collections across North America and the British Isles and can also be seen in various art shows around Saskatoon Saskatchewan where I currently live.

Jason Doucette is a wildlife artist residing in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada.
If you're interested in having a commissioned piece created please don't hesitate to get in contact with the link below or through the contact page.